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Davod Azad is a prominent master of Iranian music who is based inTehran , Iran . A vocalist , composer & instrumental musician ,he is a virtuoso in playing Tar,Setar,Tanbour , Oud,Daf & Robab. Davod was born in Orumieh ,Iran in 1963. He began playing music at the age of 19 & began performing & teaching at 21 . His first CD was released when was 25 years old & this CD called " maktabe Tar Tabriz " became a classic & a standard for Tar playing.
his musical source is the classical Iranian model system ( Dastgah ) & the Tradition (regional ) Maqam musical form . He is  admired for his unique singing style , which integrates classical & modern spiritual elements, and for his improvisation , which brings a contemporary sensibility to a traditional musical format. For the last 30 years Davod has performed in sufi gatherings around the world , and his compositions to the poems of Rumi are known for their healing & uplifting effect.
Few musicians form Iran have traveled & played before such diverse audiences as Davod. he has performed extensively over the last two decades in Europe,North America the Caribbean,Australia, India,Japan & recently in Bhutan,as well as throughout Iran whit over 300 performances worldwide .He has performed at international festivals ,including the Istanbul international Music festival ,BBc Proms ,Music village (Sacred Voices ) ,Sir John Taverners festival ,the folk festival of Hungary , World in Nord festival in Norway ,Art In Action festival in Oxford England , The Edinburg Spiritual festival Scotland and the institute de Monde Arabe festival in France . Davod is the first Iranian lecturer invited to Oxford University to lecture about Iranian music & its forms. His " The Divan of Rumi & Bach " albums is the first Iranian fusion with Western classical music. The music was performed at many international venues & was played on many Radio stations in Europe Kulture House in Vienna Austria . Davod has also performed for BBC television & for TV network in India & Bhutan.
Davod adds his contemporary vision to the classic Persian musical format to spread a message of human unity. Harmony & peace among nations. His music is universal & appeals people of all religions & backgrounds.       


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